Testimonials from Gatherings in Truth

“Laura is a gem. With deep compassion, she guides you to be in your heart and allow your deeper self to take over and heal the wounds of the mind and the past. She gently reminds you over and over again that you are ok. Everything is allowed, nothing rejected. My heart always looks forward to her satsang.”
— Herb Pearce, author, workshop leader, and psychotherapist

“Laura and I have sat together in multiple satsangs with multiple teachers over the years. So there is a no-nonsense, no woo-woo, straight talk that I can expect from her – just like if I was hanging out with my best friend. She speaks in layman’s terms and what she says is clean, simple and easy to grok, with nothing held back. And all of the seeker’s questions are responded to right from her heart, without hiding behind someone else’s words.”
— Darius D.