Four Ways To Weaken Conditioning

Unknowingly, most of us live under the unconscious influence of debilitating beliefs that we formed in childhood. We created these beliefs out of self-love, as a way to protect ourselves from scary people and situations. We may have suffered over an experience and innocently created conditioning or core beliefs to shield us from ever experiencing that hurt again. [Read more...]

Men, Women, and Food

Do men and women relate to food and their bodies differently? My unequivocal answer is: well yes and no. Certain beliefs and behaviors cut across gender lines. While making generalizations about most things is a risky business, making them about the sexes is even more so. Intrepid blogger that I am, I’m tossing caution to the wind, and going for it. 

Here are the four main differences about how men and women relate to food and their bodies: [Read more...]