What World Do You Want to Live in?

In life, you have a choice of living in two very different worlds: the world of negative thoughts and feelings and the world of direct experience, peace and contentment. Through your conscious attention, you have the power to choose your world. [Read more...]

A Fresh Start

After college, I decided to move to Boston, 3000 miles from my home in San Diego. Exhilarated by the idea of transplanting myself to a new locale where no one knew me, I packed up my little Toyota and journeyed east.

The idea of meeting new people who wouldn’t see me through the lenses of my past and my family was so freeing! As an added bonus, I began to see myself differently, too. As if by magic, prospect of this fresh start gave me permission to discard both the self-images that I had created for myself and the ones I had unwittingly borrowed from others. [Read more...]

A New Year’s Evolution

With the New Year fast approaching, our thoughts turn to the grand possibilities life has in store for us if we can just keep this year’s resolution. We resolve to be better and do better hoping that the new and improved “me” will get us a bigger slice of the happiness pie.

As Americans, our $11 billion self-help industry attests to the fact that we are obsessed with resolving to change. But how many people actually keep their New Years resolutions? Research proves what most of us already know: that the vast majority of us do not. While 52% of us believe that we will accomplish our goals, only 12% of us actually do. [Read more...]

Passing Up Those Party Pounds

If food has been your lover, friend, comfort, and primary source of pleasure, holiday parties can be a huge challenge! Everyone is in a festive, “devil may care mood,” the food and drink are flowing, and people are busy meeting, greeting, and gabbing. How do we stay present in the face of this stimulation? How do we keep the wise, rational part of us in charge when we feel like five year olds just handed the key to the candy store? [Read more...]