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Skinny Thinking Chew on This



A New Year’s Evolution

With the New Year fast approaching, our thoughts turn to the grand possibilities life has in store for us if we can just keep this year’s resolution. We resolve to be better and do better hoping that the new and improved “me” will get us a bigger slice of the happiness pie.

As Americans, our $11 billion self-help industry attests to the fact that we are obsessed with resolving to change. But how many people actually keep their New Years resolutions? Research proves what most of us already know: that the vast majority of us do not. While 52% of us believe that we will accomplish our goals, only 12% of us actually do. [Read more...]

Awareness: The First Step to Winning The Mental Weight Game

Ironically, those of us who love food and see it as central to our happiness are not very aware when we’re eating. We find ourselves eating quickly or while doing something else, such as driving, talking on the phone, watching television, or reading, so the experience of eating isn’t as satisfying as it could be.

The first step to losing weight and keeping it off for the rest of your life is awareness. Begin to bring awareness to the whole process of eating by getting curious about it: When and why do you decide to eat something? What are your eating triggers? How are you feeling while you’re eating? Are you engaged in the experience of eating, or is your mind somewhere else, engaged in problem solving or ruminating over a frustrating experience? What is going on for you when the idea of eating crosses your mind and you’re not hungry and it’s not time to eat? Follow these next steps to help you begin to bring more awareness to your eating: [Read more...]

Nibbling While Cooking

Nibbling while you’re cooking can be a huge calorie sink. You may justify your nibbles by saying, “Well I have to taste to make sure that what I’m cooking will turn out right.” Also, you’re already touching the food, it’s right in your hot little hands, which makes it so much tougher to resist.

The other piece of this is that if you’re making a meal, chances are you’re hungry. It’s right before eating time and there you are seeing, touching, and smelling luscious food. Talk about a challenge!  Particularly if you’ve reinforced the habits of cooking and nibbling and cooking and tasting, they can take awhile to shift. [Read more...]