Success Stories

The Skinny Thinking Seminar was REMARKABLE!!! I have done a lot of “work” but have been unable to fully put it all together to address the complexities of Eating and Food Issues. UNTIL NOW! Just two or three of the things I learned have changed my relationship to food. Permanently.
It is not that I left the workshop “high on hope” and emotionally intoxicated. That is what so often happens in these things. It is the Opposite. I am clear and out of the Trance. The Trance that includes getting addicted to hope over and over again. I feel free.

I literally saw some TRUTHS about food that made it so I can never go back to believing what I believed before. And those beliefs were the root of my struggle.

Once you know the Moon is not made of Cream Cheese, you don’t ever go back to believing it is cream cheese…

I am humbled to my core by this. Such simplicity and yet I was blind to it until Laura pointed the way for me. I now KNOW, I do not believe, I KNOW, that freedom from the nightmare around food is possible. It is not true either that I will struggle with this for the rest of my life. These simple exercises have shown me that that is not true. And how to live the REAL truth out.

Thank you Laura. You bring BIG MEDICINE to a suffering that has gone on for to many for to long. And it will be a huge honor to bring you back to DC for a 2 day version of this precious work.

Run people, don’t walk, to get this book. This is a blessing. Big. Time.

- Lisa


The Skinny Thinking Workshop dislodged some ingrained mental traps and lies that had never budged before. It moved me beyond the holiday/post holiday resignation that the most I could hope for was a return to my slightly-more-controlled battle with my 3 daily food-fixes. It gave me hope that I could go deeper than O.A. has taken me, and experience a truer freedom from entertainment/escape eating and establish a new relationship with food. The workshop astounded me with the revelation that food is only one component, that the mental distraction of book, t.v., or DVD was an essential component of my fix. During the workshop, and since, I’ve felt welcomed, cared for, nurtured by the group– connected. The 15 thoughts to turn to in that impulsive moment, and the many insights I’ve found in just the first two chapters of the book, are crucial tools. The possibility of “dis-identifying” with a feeling, a food thought, a stressful thought, and with our “meat suits”/bodies, and instead identifying with our essence is REVOLUTIONARY.

I came to the workshop because I needed more than what I’ve gotten from 12-step programs to deal with my most potent addiction and obsessions (food and body issues), and I got more, so much more.

- Melissa



Your book and your workshop helped me get to the bottom of the eating and weight issues that I have struggled with for most of my life. The steps are comprehensive and exactly what I needed to deal with food differently and THEY WORK. Not only am I losing weight but my relationship to food has completely changed. Yea!!! Finally someone has put all the pieces together for permanent healing. You brought such gentleness, clarity, and awareness to the subject that my seeing shifted. I look at food differently now and as a result, I can never go back to my old ways. I am so delighted to be experiencing this freedom and to have finally recovered from what I thought would be a lifelong struggle. Thank you so much for sharing these steps which have healed “my thinking” about food and brought insights and wisdom in many other areas of my life.

- Jeanne


I found Laura’s “Skinny Thinking” workshop to be an answer to my prayers! Having tried everything on the weight loss map, including Weight Watchers, diet pills, alkalizing with SuperGreens to name a few, for 50 years or so, I’ve always felt nothing got to the “root” of the issue for me. I have been a student of the Truth teachings (nonduality) and attending satsangs for the past few years, so when Laura wrote her book “Skinny Thinking” applying nonduality to the issues of food, weight, and body image, it truly resonated with me.

For me, the greatest gift I received from the workshop last Sunday was the realization that I can be the wise parent to that ego/child part of me that wants to eat it all NOW! Before attending the workshop I felt helpless and powerless when that type of urge hit me—I felt I could not deny it even though I was aware of what was going on (that I was overeating yet again).

After the workshop I find I can lovingly redirect that voracious ego/child part of me and make sure she gets a proper amount of delicious healthy food with a reasonable occasional treat here and there. I already feel more peaceful, confident and motivated. I feel joy that I can nurture and care for this physical form in a new balanced way.

Thank you, Laura, for your life-changing book and workshop!

- Susan from Kingston, MA


While Laura’s workshop does not deny the small truth about one’s desire for unhealthful habits, it includes that in the bigger truth about the impact of one’s eating on one’s body/mind. That makes it easier to embrace the healthier approach without making oneself wrong for their past behavior. Without struggling or denying myself, I’ve lost 5.5 lbs within three days of the workshop! I feel like I have discovered a natural and sustainable way to get my body into the form I’ve wanted for a long time now.

- Darren


I just this minute had an experience just like the ones described in the book in Chapter 5 about emotional eating (which I was just reading this morning). A friend had sent me a chain email letter with a blessing which you need to forward to 12 women within 15 minutes or your wish won’t come true. I never seem to resonate with these and delete them. I did not want to ignore my friend so I sent her a personal email with kind words and blessings but telling her I had deleted the email. She replied with anger and I felt assaulted. She felt I had closed a door on an opportunity and said some other hurtful things. I recognized it as an opportunity to put into practice the teachings, realizing that I had triggered her ego and that is not who she is. I sent her a reply telling her how I felt, apologizing for my part in the discordant situation, and closing with thoughts of loving kindness. I feel a little shaken. But I do NOT feel like reaching for food for comfort! How nice!

You asked how I have been doing since Sunday. Very well! I was greeted with an unexpected invitation for my husband and I to go out to dinner last night when I got home from work. I quickly made a plan—I would choose a fish entree, no desert, water and lemon for a beverage and one small piece of bread. It worked! I didn’t mind my limited bread because I was clear in my decision. I was able to get a “lighter portion” of the entree. I felt some twinges when Jen ordered desert, one of my favorites. But I realized I really didn’t want a desert right then. It wasn’t a special occasion, I wasn’t hungry anymore. I’ll have a desert another time. I also realized I would be pleased “later” that I had not had any more to eat. I am feeling a great relief that I am having a clearer understanding of myself in relation to food.

- Susan from Boston