Skinny Thinking Book Reviews

Skinny Thinking is astoundingly unique, which is truly amazing given the countless diet books written over the past several decades and the obsession our culture has with diet, weight and appearance. As far as I know, Skinny Thinkingapproaches these issues in a truly new (never-been-done-before) manner by applying non-dual spiritual teachings to the issues of food, weight and body image.

For me it was the missing piece. Having spent 50+ years on the diet rollercoaster and the past 15 years studying spirituality, Laura’s book, by bringing the two together, really pegged it for me—aha moments throughout the book.

Three ideas addressed by Skinny Thinking were particularly helpful for me:

Firstly, realizing how I had been romanticizing food and now seeing the “whole truth about food” for the first time—that it is, after all, fuel for the body rather than my be all and end all comforter—was life changing!

Secondly, bringing awareness to my eating has been radically eye opening. After reading Skinny Thinking I cannot nibble, pick, overeat, sneak food, etc. without being totally aware of what I am doing. I can no longer fool myself, and this is such a gift! When I am aware of what I am doing, I cannot continue very long. I realize it is not what I really what I want to be doing!

And, thirdly, the inquiry process is very helpful in bringing the light of truth to my beliefs  in ALL areas of my life, not just food, weight and body image. In the end, it really is all about what we are thinking. Laura’s kung fu for cravings and emotional eating are not to be missed.

Haven’t we all been searching for the “magic bullet” to solve our weighty issues? Well, in my opinion, nothing could be closer to that “magic bullet” than Skinny Thinking by Laura Katleman-Prue—truly a must-read for anyone who has battled the bulge!

Susan from Kingston

I wanted to thank you for writing your book! I have just finished it for the first time, and I say the first time because I know I will read it again and again, and I am sure I will keep getting more from it each time. The first few chapters were amazing. They made so much sense. I think I have gained the most from them. The concept of being free from the yo-yo is what really intrigued me, and I can actually believe that it may happen! I think I am pretty good at Wise Food choices, as, like many I have dieted for YEARS and am very successful when I really put my entire effort behind it, but what I am looking for, is for it not to be such an effort. I want to naturally make the right choices, AND NOT THINK ABOUT FOOD! I believe your book can help me get to that point, and I feel like have am on the right path. I have lost 12 lbs since I started the book, I think it was 5 weeks ago, and I feel great. It is the Wise eating and wise thinking that really clicked for me, and have made life so much easier and stress free. I have been excited about the concept of skinny thinking and telling all my friends, and many are interested and some have ordered the book!

My big issue with food has always been the party scene and weekends in general. I always blow any progress by rewarding of all the hard work I do. I was always good at “behaving” all week, but come Friday it was party time, and anything goes…Well with some wise thinking and wise eating, I have really made a significant change in how I behave on the weekends, and it hasn’t put a damper on any of my fun. I have hosted and attended many parties in the 5 weeks and still kept the weight off as I am losing it. I know that I am not yet there, and that these habits will take some time to replace my old bad habits, but I am looking forward to continuing this new train of thought. One of the things that I find most helpful is to think of things that me feel good to use as my “rewards” rather than food. And I enjoy my rewards so much more!

I know I am kind of rambling, but I am rushed for time as usual, but wanted to let you know how great skinny thinking has been for me.

— Susan from Boston

“Ho Boy, am I relieved. Somebody finally wrote THE book. The book that has the possibility of truly freeing us from the bondage of Food – not through another stupid Diet and Exercise regime, and not through another tiresome POP PSYCHE book of feelings nonsense. 

What makes this book stand apart is it goes right to the intersection of Mind and Mouth, where addiction kicks in, and shows you how to break that pattern with surgical precision. I have worked with the strategies in this book and I can tell you that they are LIFE CHANGING! Today, I run everyday, eat a beautiful diet (which may mean a fantastic piece of pie) and am no longer a 225 pound, xanax addicted depressive, in large part to the work with thinking that Laura Katleman-Prue has beautifully presented in this book. Her “training” with the Best of the Best (In my Humble Opinion) teachers out there, such as Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti and on and on, make her uniquely qualified to bring this groundbreaking work to us. 

I am so excited about this book that I am sending links out to everyone I know who has ever struggled with food and was indoctrinated with the same old Diet/Body Solution or the “You have Psychological Issues” crap – when in reality, there are simple thought patterns that are easily identified and short-circuited and Laura K-P shows you how. So stop beating yourself up, (“I must be a mess”), or buying a bunch of new Diet Crap, like I did for years. This book offers steps to freedom inside you FAR BEYOND just the issue of food. 

THIS IS REVOLUTIONARY! We Do NOT have to Suffer any more. Give this book as a gift to yourself – notice when you want to reject it (the Mind does not want you to mess with its patterns and mess up it’s party!), and stick with it. You will be glad you did. BRAVO!

— Lisa Lee, facilitator of The Work

“Skinny Thinking takes a wise and truthful look at how we think about food and offers many insights and tips that others have missed that will help you change your relationship with food. The five habits that are presented are sound advice that can change how you relate to food and free you from thinking about it in a way that causes suffering and overeating. I think anyone can benefit from this book.

— Gina Lake, author of Radical Happiness