Conversations About Self-Realization

“Dive between your thoughts and revel in the spaciousness that you are!”

If you have a deep desire to enter the silence and know the truth of your being, not next month or next year but right now, please join Laura for Satsang. Satsang is a precious vehicle that allows you to have a direct experience of ìAwakenessî while seeing through any misunderstandings in the way of the irreversible shift out of ego identification into Essence. Traditionally, seekers have come together for Satsang in the presence of Self-Realized sages who offered teachings either through the silence of their presence or through ìpointers.î Although the perennial wisdom traditions posit that there is only ìOneness,î it is one thing to understand intellectually this, but how do you actually experience this Truth? How do you come to know yourself as That and rest in that knowingness? The answer is that in Satsang, rather than gaining a particular philosophical understanding who you are, you bypass the mind altogether, melt into the thought-free state, plumbing the depths of what you have always been.

In these gatherings, we come together to inquire into and discover the truth about who we are before the overlay of our beliefs and conditioning. Thankfully, it is possible to experience an abiding peace and contentment that doesn’t depend on anything from the outside, when we sink down from the locus of identity in our head and into the cave of our heart. This living from the natural state, rather then from our programming is simple and costs nothing. It is your birthright, what you were born to realize.

After attending Satsang with many extraordinary non-dual teachers, including Stuart Schwartz, Pamela Wilson, Mooji, Neelam, Micheal Reagan, Adyashanti, and Theo, in 2006. Laura realized the Truth. In 2007, with the blessings of Mooji, Stuart and Pamela, Laura began offering Satsang to point others to the Truth of their own being. Each session begins with a guided meditation followed by questions and sharings from the group.

Here is a wonderful writing by Gina Lake that addresses the topic of the world as a dream or an illusion:


When you awaken, you realize that you aren’t the mind-generated self (the false self, or ego) but that which is life itself—that which is alive in you and enlivens you and everything else. You realize that the sense you have as a human being of being separate and distinct from everything else is an illusion, that you are everything else as well, that everything is an expression of the Oneness. This world and all of creation (including other dimensions) is not an illusion, but the sense that we are a separate entity apart from other entities and the Oneness is an illusion. We are having the experience of being a separate entity and feeling separate from the Oneness and from everything else the Oneness created, but we are actually the Oneness. This illusion of separation was created by the Oneness so that it could have the experiences it’s having here through us. This world is not an illusion; the illusion is that we believe we are apart from this world and everything else.

When radical nondualists describe reality, they describe the Absolute reality—the Oneness—they’ve experienced and they leave out this relative reality (this world and all of creation, including other dimensions) and speak about it as if it is not real and as if it is as meaningless as a dream—as if it’s apart from the Oneness, which it can’t be. This world and all of creation isn’t the whole truth and it isn’t as it seems, but it’s not unreal or meaningless. They would probably disagree with me on this.

What many of them are teaching is causing those who haven’t experienced the Absolute to be very confused about how to live this life—and why to even live it. What’s the point of trying to describe the Absolute to those who haven’t experienced it? Describing the Absolute doesn’t give people the experience of it, and words cannot express it. Their emphasis on the Absolute may be helpful to some who are ready for that message, but for many, their words are just confusing, or worse. The ego takes their description of the Absolute and parrots it without understanding it, distorts it, and uses it as an excuse for bad behavior. I have also seen many feel hopeless and depressed as a result of this message. Some have abandoned the spiritual path. Dismissing this world as a dream or meaningless does not help people awaken or live in this world as Essence, as the expression of Oneness that they are. The Oneness created this world for its own joy and experience. It is alive and well in this world as us and everything else.