The Truth About A Partial Truth

A partial truth isn’t a true at all. It’s a lie. The mind hooks us with a thin sliver of truth (usually a negative or distorted perception) about anything in life and asks us to believe that this small truth is the whole truth. For example, since childhood I’ve had a tendency to lose things. My ego hooks me with this small truth about myself with the intention of creating a negative feeling. It tries to convince me that the whole truth about me is contained in this one trait. By penning the story: I’m a person who loses things and that’s a bad thing and therefore I’m an inadequate person, it leaves out the rest of the story. The whole truth about my character is that it includes many other positive qualities rounding out the entirety of who I am. [Read more...]

The Truth About Thoughts

The simple truth about living with a human mind is that if you believe your stressful thoughts, the ones that come from the egoic mind, you will suffer. Yet, ignoring thoughts is easier said than done because we are programmed from birth to pay attention to and believe our thoughts. A stressful thought or a romantic thought about food pops into your head and faster than the speed of light, the mind produces reams of proof supporting the illusion about food or the painful distillation of life. [Read more...]

Fulfill Your Spiritual Destiny

As human beings we’re programmed to feel that we aren’t enough and we don’t have enough. This programming keeps us perpetually striving to be more, and have more of what we think we need to be happy. The ego directs us to external solutions to our discontent like acquiring more skills, education, fame, a better appearance, a romantic relationship, more money or even spiritual advancement. All of these serve to augment the sense of self, or so we think. For those of us who have food issues our gnawing emptiness sends us to the refrigerator for to fill the hole in our souls. The underlying assumption being that there is something outside of ourselves that can actually deliver this relief. [Read more...]

The Role of Emotions in Perpetuating the Illusion

Emotions are like weather. One minute you’re enjoying life, basking in the sun’s warmth, gazing up at endless blue skies. The next minute, an ominous wind stirs up the leaves next to your feet, and dark thunderclouds roll in. One minute you feel light and happy, the next minute you feel heavy and contracted.

As human beings, we’re programmed to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. We don’t like negative emotions because they create unpleasant contractions and agitation in our bodies. If food has been your drug of choice, when a negative emotion erupts in your body, your first impulse is to numb out with food. [Read more...]

Allowing Feelings to Be Present

If you’re an emotional eater, when a feeling strikes, your first impulse for is to reach for food. This reaction is less about the food and more about ducking the emotion. Because emotions are felt in the body, they feel much more real, and compelling than thoughts. True or not, you see feelings as big, scary sensations to be avoided at all costs.

This belief is so deeply entrenched that any change in your emotional landscape, any movement away from the status quo, whether it is due to sadness, anger, fear, or even happiness or excitement, puts you in roadrunner mode, racing toward the fridge. [Read more...]

You Are More Powerful Than Your Conditioning

When a negative emotion erupts in your awareness, because it manifests as a strong sensation in your body, it leaves you feeling powerless and small. In order for this emotion to be on the scene, innocently, you must have inadvertently taken the belief that generated the emotion as gospel. Hence you now feel at the mercy of both the painful belief and the emotion. [Read more...]

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Dis-identifying from Feelings

The mechanism of taking feelings personally and identifying with them is all part of the egos plan to keep us identified as an ego, a separate me. The first step in learning how to dis-identify from feelings is noticing them when they arise rather than taking them personally. [Read more...]


When an emotion strikes, if you’re an emotional eater your first impulse for is to reach for food. This reaction is less about the food and more about ducking the emotion. Because emotions are felt in the body, they feel much more real, powerful, and compelling than thoughts. Whether they are or not, you see feelings as big scary, sensations to be avoided at all costs. [Read more...]

The Truth About Loving Food

The truth about loving food is that at a certain point it stops loving you back. Actually even that isn’t true. Food can’t love you back. Food is just food. It’s fuel that gives the body energy to go about its business. All of the functions, working, playing, thinking, and talking as well those functions that you don’t perform consciously, like breathing and causing your heart to beat, the jobs run by the autonomic nervous system, all of these require food. [Read more...]