Healthy Goodies Are Finally Here! Paleo Brownies and Cookies

Meet Laura’s new superfood, Paleo Brownies and Cookies! Step Two in the Skinny Thinking process is “Wise Food Choices.” But what does it really mean to make wise food choices?  And how are we defining food?

If you look around at how many people eat, you might think food is whatever substance the body can digest. In the Skinny Thinking world we say, “Food is grown; junk is made.” We define food as nutrient dense, plant based, whole food. Processed food makes people sick and whole food supports your body and fulfills its nutritional needs.

In Step Two, we learn the difference between food and entertainment. Food is nutritious and entertainment tastes good but doesn’t give the body the nutrients it needs. It’s fine to entertain ourselves with food sometimes but if that’s what we’re doing habitually, we set ourselves up for a myriad of health and weight problems.

But then I asked myself, “What if we didn’t have to suffer that negative consequence? What if we didn’t have to choose? What if we could really have it all – the party in our mouths and good nutrition, all in one?

As a former chocoholic and sugarholic, four months ago, I daydreamed about treats, delicious cookies and brownies that were actually healthy! “Is a healthy brownie an oxymoron,” I wondered.

Soon I was in a caught up in a flurry of formulating.  After months of trial and error, I am delighted and proud to be able to offer line of scrumptious brownie and cookie super-foods that also fit within the Paleolithic diet of whole foods!

These are yummy treats that taste decadent and rich but remarkably, because they are made with monk fruit and erythritol, don’t promote cravings! They’re actually satisfying rather than leaving you wanting more, like sugary treats.


Meet my new creations: Eight delicious varieties of cookies and brownies that support your Skinny Thinking journey to a healthy relationship with food and your body. My daydream is now a reality! You can order these healthy treats delivered fresh to your door!