Your Thought Diet: Are You Tracking?

Maintaining a healthy weight and relationship with food and your body for life, rather than a few weeks or months, means being honest with yourself about what and how much you are eating. Technology is a wonderful tool to help you track your calories in and calories out. If you get into the habit of tracking your calorie overages and deficits every day, and weight yourself weekly, you will find it so much easier to keep your weight under control! You will be able to simply change your diet, rather than repeatedly going on diets.

I can already hear the rumblings and grumblings. “But I’m allergic to calorie counting, “ you protest. I understand believe me! In my dream world, I would easily maintain my optimal weight and health without managing my portions and calories. But this is earth, with romantic food ads everywhere you look and huge portion sizes in most restaurants. The vast majority of bodies need to manage their eating in order to stay healthy.

I checked out a few of the online  calorie and exercise monitoring sites and I especially liked a free service called  They’ve had a few bugs over the years but really seem to have their act together now.  They are an umbrella company that is quite mainstream and as such, features many approaches, including diets and boot camp programs that I don’t advocate.  In my view, these programs keep people yo-yoing and suffering, rather than offering an opportunity for permanent healing.

As you probably already know, my position is that a mal-alignment with food is a spiritual issue. Eating issues are multi-faceted and require a holistic approach to heal.

Here are my favorite features:


  • Online on your computer:
    • You can enter the calorie equivalent of foods, if you know them and don’t want to look them up. This feature is called fast add.
    • You can sign up for a million and one  newsletters and forums quickly and easily when you join. These are tailor made for you based on your preferences. You can even hook up with a buddy.
  • The App for your phone or tablet
    • You can use this even if you are not online!
    • Many recipe offerings
    • You can scan a barcode when you are food shopping and add nutritional information directly


Here are features that I would like to see:

  • The ability to (quick add) enter food calories directly into the App.
  • The ability to enter exercise calories directly into the app and online platform.
  • Spiritually and emotionally based products and apps.


In summary, is a great calorie counting and exercise monitoring site, but not an ultimate tool for healing. It is heavy on the body and food aspects of healing your relationship with food, but light on the critical emotional and spiritual components of healing.  If you are looking for a tracking tool, my advice is to join this site or another one, use what is beneficial, and ignore the rest.