Fulfill Your Spiritual Destiny

As human beings we’re programmed to feel that we aren’t enough and we don’t have enough. This programming keeps us perpetually striving to be more, and have more of what we think we need to be happy. The ego directs us to external solutions to our discontent like acquiring more skills, education, fame, a better appearance, a romantic relationship, more money or even spiritual advancement. All of these serve to augment the sense of self, or so we think. For those of us who have food issues our gnawing emptiness sends us to the refrigerator for to fill the hole in our souls. The underlying assumption being that there is something outside of ourselves that can actually deliver this relief.

The problem with external solutions to the ego’s story of lack is that they ultimately turn out to be mirages. They satisfy or distract us for a few moments and then, either the old hole returns or a new one opens up.

When I finally reached my goal weight, I spent all of a minute and a half reveling in it before my ego was shifted its focus to all of the other problems in my life. The chocolate cookie distracts you for a few moments and then you are left with the situation and feeling that led you to reach for it, as well as your disappointment in yourself for giving in to temptation. You knew deep down that eating the cookie wasn’t the best choice for you, yet you went for it anyway. Why? Even though we have been conditioned to see it as weakness, going for the cookie was a loving impulse to shield yourself from discomfort, an innocent and natural gesture to self-soothe that has been your habit.

If you are reading these words, it is very possible that reaching for food to fill up the hole in your soul is your path to the truth. That is the gift in your food misalignment. The beauty of this egoic drive for fulfillment, is that like all egoic desires, it is a reflection of a deeper spiritual desire, essence’s intention for you to return home. The emptiness you feel is rooted in a deeper need, a true need for connection with source—the only thing in life that truly feels satisfying.

Thankfully, food issues are excrutiatingly painful. As odd as it may seem, this is another sign of life’s mercy, of a friendly universe. The shear agony of it means that you will look for a way out quickly and probably leave no stone unturned in your efforts to heal.

When you reach this point and you’re tired of suffering, it may also mean that you’re ready to move into deeper alignment with yourself. It is a sign that it’s time to look within for the joy that your outer searching has obscured. Up until now, fixating on the glazed donut distracted you and caused you to assume that what you want and need exists somewhere out there.

Yet, once you reach the place in your evolution of seeing the futility of outward seeking, you move within yourself through meditation, inquiry, reading spiritual books, going to spiritual gatherings, retreats or immersing yourself in creative pursuits. As you strengthen this inner connection with yourself, the world loses its ability to fool you with its story that you’re a needy hole that needs filling. Thankfully, being centered in your own truth undermines both the world’s power to scare you and to fulfill you. This is what the sages mean when they talk about moving beyond the world, being in it but not of it.

So rather than cursing your food issue and feeling like its victim, can you be grateful for it? If it leads you to liberation, would it all have been worth it? Reaching this crossroad and recognizing where everything in your life has been leading, use your food related suffering to propel you toward something greater. Use it to realize and fulfill the purpose of your life and come to know the truth about yourself. Use it to liberate yourself from all suffering and become the blessing to the world that you were meant to be.