The Role of Emotions in Perpetuating the Illusion

Emotions are like weather. One minute you’re enjoying life, basking in the sun’s warmth, gazing up at endless blue skies. The next minute, an ominous wind stirs up the leaves next to your feet, and dark thunderclouds roll in. One minute you feel light and happy, the next minute you feel heavy and contracted.

As human beings, we’re programmed to seek out pleasure and avoid pain. We don’t like negative emotions because they create unpleasant contractions and agitation in our bodies. If food has been your drug of choice, when a negative emotion erupts in your body, your first impulse is to numb out with food. [Read more...]

Allowing Feelings to Be Present

If you’re an emotional eater, when a feeling strikes, your first impulse for is to reach for food. This reaction is less about the food and more about ducking the emotion. Because emotions are felt in the body, they feel much more real, and compelling than thoughts. True or not, you see feelings as big, scary sensations to be avoided at all costs.

This belief is so deeply entrenched that any change in your emotional landscape, any movement away from the status quo, whether it is due to sadness, anger, fear, or even happiness or excitement, puts you in roadrunner mode, racing toward the fridge. [Read more...]