You Are More Powerful Than Your Conditioning

When a negative emotion erupts in your awareness, because it manifests as a strong sensation in your body, it leaves you feeling powerless and small. In order for this emotion to be on the scene, innocently, you must have inadvertently taken the belief that generated the emotion as gospel. Hence you now feel at the mercy of both the painful belief and the emotion.

Yet, in spite of how it feels, you are much more powerful than any of your conditioning. As a spiritual being with human conditioning, there is always the potential for it to create unhappiness, particularly if you buy into the belief that your life is fraught with problems. But if you interrupt the human programming that caused you to believe your negative thoughts and merge with the feelings they generate, you can create an entirely different experience, an entirely different relationship with life—an entirely different life.

When you are identified with your ego, you feel vulnerable and separate and resist life. Over and over again, you create problems for yourself when you find that you are not able to control life and bend it to your will. Yet, from the larger perspective of living in this world as a spiritual being that enjoys and learns from all experiences, so many of the things that you considered to be problems in the past, are no longer issues for you. When you realize and come to trust that the same intelligence that grows acorns into mighty oak trees is operating through you, you can relax, and let life move you.

It’s all a matter of perspective.  If you find yourself in an untenable situation, you notice whether you feel moved to take action to change it or not. If you don’t feel moved to change it from the outside, rather than telling an unhappy story about it as you might have in the past, you approach it with openness and curiosity to see what new learning life has brought to you. You don’t have to like the situation that is appearing now, but it’s irrational not to accept. Why? Because it’s here right now and nothing can change that fact.

As a spiritual being, the people you believed to be the bane of your existence all of a sudden aren’t a problem for you anymore because you stop seeing their behavior as personal. If there is something in your relationship with them that points you back to your own conditioning, see it as a gift. You look at the underlying belief that is causing your suffering, and liberate it through inquiry.

As for anything else in the interaction, take responsibility for your part in it, while realizing that often, people are just reacting to their own conditioning, which of course has nothing to do with you. If situations  and people aren’t a problem, you don’t have to feed your reactions to them with food. You don’t have sooth yourself, because you haven’t wounded yourself by believing untrue, painful thoughts.

In summary, as the unicity itself, it stands to reason that you are more powerful than your conditioning. You created it in the first place! As the creator of this conditioning, you have the power to dismantle it by debunking it and seeing through it, not just once or twice, but over and over and over again. Eventually, through your vigilance and your willingness to stop following your painful thinking, your conditioning dissolves and with it goes any power it had to create negative emotions.