You Are More Powerful Than Your Conditioning

When a negative emotion erupts in your awareness, because it manifests as a strong sensation in your body, it leaves you feeling powerless and small. In order for this emotion to be on the scene, innocently, you must have inadvertently taken the belief that generated the emotion as gospel. Hence you now feel at the mercy of both the painful belief and the emotion. [Read more...]

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Dis-identifying from Feelings

The mechanism of taking feelings personally and identifying with them is all part of the egos plan to keep us identified as an ego, a separate me. The first step in learning how to dis-identify from feelings is noticing them when they arise rather than taking them personally. [Read more...]


When an emotion strikes, if you’re an emotional eater your first impulse for is to reach for food. This reaction is less about the food and more about ducking the emotion. Because emotions are felt in the body, they feel much more real, powerful, and compelling than thoughts. Whether they are or not, you see feelings as big scary, sensations to be avoided at all costs. [Read more...]