What World Do You Want to Live in?

In life, you have a choice of living in two very different worlds: the world of negative thoughts and feelings and the world of direct experience, peace and contentment. Through your conscious attention, you have the power to choose your world.

Neither place has income or credit score requirements. The currencies of wealth, reputation, and family connections that normally have such sway in the everyday life, have no power to grant entrance here. Yet there are no external gatekeepers. The only power that works, when it comes to worlds, is under your complete control. It’s your attention. However, because these worlds are rarely referenced, most people live out their entire lives without realizing the impact of their unconscious choice.

Experiencing life through the veils of negative thoughts and feelings is a land where stress and disconnection from life and others rein supreme. No one condemned you to this place or locked you in, yet it is a hell world all the same. You suffer when you put your attention on and believe in your negative thoughts. Christening a negative thought with belief generates negative feelings such as sadness, fear, despair, or anger. When this happens, it is as if you merge with the belief and feeling. You are the sadness, fear, or anger and the belief that spawned it. Consequently, you are at its affect and suffer over the experience.

As human beings, we were programmed to go to and live in this hell of identifying with our negative thoughts voluntarily. As a child growing up, you looked around and most people seemed to be living in the same hell of believing in their negative thoughts and creating negative feelings. Perhaps it never occurred to you that you had a choice and your life could be different.

The secret to breaking out of this hell world lies entirely in where you place your attention. The more attention you give your thoughts, the more you will experience discontentment and unhappiness. The more you turn away from your negative thoughts, the happier you will be. It’s that simple.

Choosing to turn your attention away from negative thoughts lands you in a heavenly world or loka. Your life may occupy the very same space, with the same job, car, and physical address as your original hell world, yet your experience of life couldn’t be more different. When you are identified with and you give your attention to essence, the experience of present, still, awareness, the desire for food (or anything else for that matter) can’t touch you. It has no power. It is like trying to flip on a light switch, when your power has been shut off. There is no juice. Nothing happens.

From this place of essence, you may notice a budding desire arising in the form of the thought “I want.” Yet, if you don’t give it your attention, if you turn away from it because you don’t want to be jolted out of your heavenly loka, it can’t sprout. It can’t turn into a full-blown desire with its anxiety producing, compelling need for fulfillment.

The difference between happiness and unhappiness is completely a function of attention. There are no conditions, caveats, or disclaimers. It works all of the time, for all people. Now that you know this is how life works, what world will you choose? Where will you put your attention? How you answer makes all the difference. As Robert Frost wrote: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.