Accepting Resistance

The starting point for any transformation, whether it is inner or outer, is acceptance. Let’s start with what acceptance is not to scuttle a few misconceptions that have sullied its good name. It is not an affirmation. It is not pretending that you’re okay with something when you’re not by painting on a pollyanna smile and saying, “Yes of course this is fine, when every bone in your body is screaming, “Hell no—no way!” [Read more...]

What World Do You Want to Live in?

In life, you have a choice of living in two very different worlds: the world of negative thoughts and feelings and the world of direct experience, peace and contentment. Through your conscious attention, you have the power to choose your world. [Read more...]

A Fresh Start

After college, I decided to move to Boston, 3000 miles from my home in San Diego. Exhilarated by the idea of transplanting myself to a new locale where no one knew me, I packed up my little Toyota and journeyed east.

The idea of meeting new people who wouldn’t see me through the lenses of my past and my family was so freeing! As an added bonus, I began to see myself differently, too. As if by magic, prospect of this fresh start gave me permission to discard both the self-images that I had created for myself and the ones I had unwittingly borrowed from others. [Read more...]