‘Trick or Treat’ Skinny Thinking Style

Trick or Treat!

When Halloween rolls around, the Pleasure Seeking Child gets activated BIG TIME!

Hear Laura tells you the ‘tricks” to beating her at her own game and how you can still enjoy Halloween “treats” that will satisfy you too!

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Four Ways To Weaken Conditioning

Unknowingly, most of us live under the unconscious influence of debilitating beliefs that we formed in childhood. We created these beliefs out of self-love, as a way to protect ourselves from scary people and situations. We may have suffered over an experience and innocently created conditioning or core beliefs to shield us from ever experiencing that hurt again. [Read more...]

The Short Cut to True Happiness

 Don’t tell the ego this, but there is a happiness that is different to the excited, giddy happiness that it delivers when you drive your new car home, win at Bingo, or bite into that gooey brownie. It comes from being fully engaged in what you are doing and living in the present moment. We dip into this restful feeling of contentment several times a day, perhaps without even being aware of it. [Read more...]

What You Don’t Have to Accept by Gina Lake

Acceptance is an important spiritual teaching because the ego is so unaccepting of the way life is. Therefore, acceptance can move us out of the ego and into Essence, which accepts whatever is going on. Acceptance is a spiritual tool that counteracts, or neutralizes, the ego and drops us into Essence. [Read more...]