Men, Women, and Food

Do men and women relate to food and their bodies differently? My unequivocal answer is: well yes and no. Certain beliefs and behaviors cut across gender lines. While making generalizations about most things is a risky business, making them about the sexes is even more so. Intrepid blogger that I am, I’m tossing caution to the wind, and going for it. 

Here are the four main differences about how men and women relate to food and their bodies: [Read more...]

Benefits of a High Fiber Diet by Guest Blogger Susan Brown

There is certainly nothing more beneficial for weight loss and overall health than a high fiber diet. Being overweight does not only affect your self-esteem but it can increase the risk of diabetes type 2, several types of cancer, obesity and heart diseases. Other risks are connected to being overweight, mostly to obesity like depression, breathing problems, and arthritis. A high fiber diet is beneficial to avoid these problems more easily and minimize the risks attached to weight. Fiber is beneficial to your digestive system and functions and also helps you control your weight.  Depending on the fiber type you can control health conditions. Dietary fiber can be found in nuts, whole grain, vegetables and fruits can resist digestion in the intestines and stomach. [Read more...]