Where’s the Benefit?

When something happens that you didn’t anticipate or don’t like, ask yourself, “What is the possible good that can come of this? Does it bring a new opportunity for growth? Can I bust a misperception or misunderstanding or glean a truth that I’d overlooked? Even though this situation doesn’t fit my picture of what I thought I wanted, how can I use it to create more freedom and happiness?

There is always an opportunity in every apparent misfortune. Life is here to serve our freedom and help us deepen in love. If we can see life from this vantage point and look for benefit and opportunity in every circumstance, not only will we be happier, but we will naturally shift out of egoic consciousness and abide in our natural state of freedom and joy.

Our main job as spiritual beings masquerading as human beings is to pay attention and see beyond apparent inconveniences and setbacks. Once we shift back into awareness, and get curious about what is happening rather than judge it, new insights arise, and we are in a position to harvest these precious opportunities.

American Indians have a philosophy about using every part of the animals they hunt. They waste nothing. Make this your philosophy. As you live each day, waste nothing. Each experience is an opportunity to grow, deepen in love, and let go of what you are not (the false self or ego). If you’re unhappy with how life is unfolding, it just means that you haven’t seen the opportunity or benefit yet.

Often, we don’t see the benefit or learning until much, much later. In hindsight, we see that gosh if I’d been able to move in the direction that I thought I wanted to go in, I never would have been able to develop this in myself. Or if that “bad” thing hadn’t happened I never would have developed the fortitude to meet any challenge. Or I was sure that he was “the one” and if he hadn’t rejected me, I never would have met my current partner.

When an inconvenient situation arises that doesn’t meet your expectations or fit in with your plans, take a moment to contemplate. What is the benefit in this situation? What give does it have to offer? How can I learn and grow and deepen in love from allowing myself to open to this new possibility and experience it fully, without resistance? You’ll be amazed at what you discover!