Here is the dilemma: you’ve followed plans in the past and gotten all Machiavelli on yourself. You’ve let the whip cracking Relentless Critic rule your eating and it made your life a living hell. Part of you realizes that an eating plan would help you to lose the weight you want and yet, heck if you’re going to let that  #$%^&!! Critic back at the helm! Not in this lifetime.

This time, you rationalize, you’ve signed on for a gentler, more compassionate and consequently more sustainable approach. Thus it’s natural for you to reflect on your history, associate plans with the Critic, and say no way to the idea of a new plan.

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To Diet or Not to Diet

Whenever I utter the word “diet,” people fidget in their seats, their faces harden, and they say, “oh no—not me. I’m not going there.” So before your shutters go up, please give me a chance to explain.

Skinny Thinking is not a diet; it’s about creating a new relationship to food that automatically results in greater health and a healthier weight. Diets are temporary. People are willing to stick to them for a while in order to lose weight; then they can stop and go back to their bad habits.

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