Finding others committed to overcoming their eating and body image issues who are also willing to support you in your journey, can be a crucial arrow in your healing quiver. Not only can a support network speed up your healing, but its very presence undermines the ego’s insipid message that you are the only human who struggles with food and weight. In the past, the Ego’s relentless Critic may have cruelly hissed that you alone are spineless, weak-willed, and can’t control this most basic of urges. But now, armed with your new support network, you can casually dismiss the Critic’s toothless judgments because the very existence of others who struggle with food negates them.

The people in your support network can relate to your struggles and commiserate with suffering that comes with so-called missteps and backslides that are often part and parcel to the journey. They can do this either: because they’ve been there and done that, or because, just like you, they are in the process of becoming free themselves.

When I suggest creating a support network, I don’t mean that you need a posse of eating police. But rather, find supportive compassionate people like yourself who’ve traversed the same eating terrain and want to become free. They need to understand your struggle from the inside out, from personal experience and know how to give gentle guidance and support. People who judge you and think that you’re weak or believe that you should be able to just tough this through, get a handle on yourself, and get on with it, need not apply.

You need lovers not scolders. Remember, the truth is always kind and words that come from Essence are always kind. Scolding and admonishing is not kind.

And we should know. Scolding, judging, and blaming have been our intimate acquaintances for quite some time now and we don’t need more exposure to them or more practice. In fact, if scolding, judging, and blaming were sports we’d be in the Olympics by now!

To heal you need to turn yourself around and move in the opposite direction. The Skinny Thinking approach when it comes to your eating and yourself, teaches you to renounce the ego’s harsh tactics and instead practice kindness and compassion on the inside as well as the outside.

Let’s get back to creating your support group. When it comes to supporters, quality trumps quantity. One good Skinny Thinker who is committed to following the Five Steps is worth his or her weight in gold. Recognize that not everyone who is committed to healing will be helpful to you. Choose someone who is well versed in the Skinny Thinking holistic approach. If your new supporter tells to just listen to your body when it comes to your eating choices and portion size run for the hills! This advice is going to confuse you and possibly undermine some of your hard won good healing habits.*

*If you need help finding a Skinny Thinker for support, avail yourself of the Skinny Thinking Fan Group on Facebook >Here!