What does inquiry have to do with becoming free from food, eating, and weight issues? Only everything. By virtue of the fact that we are obsessed with food and use it to comfort and entertain ourselves, means that our thinking about must be inaccurate and deluded. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not judging you or insulting your intelligence. As a former, fellow sufferer, I’m sharing my two cents based on my experience of being food obsessed for most of my life.

When it comes to seeing the whole picture of food, the whole truth about what food can and cannot give you, inquiry is the machete that cuts through the densest, most impermiable illusary beliefs. Unquestioned beliefs are so powerful that they can keep you bound and suffering for a lifetime.

The questions that comprise inquiry can go toe to toe with these almighty beliefs because they challenge your precious assumptions. When we are unaware of our beliefs, we’re their slaves. Hence, inquiry forces us to investigate what our beliefs, caling up the story that’s causing us to reach for food in the first place. We can’t kill the enemy we can’t see. So by asking ourselves what story we are in, we make visible the invisible which gives the ability to see clearly the belief that’s been running us. Knowledge is power as they say!

The next step in the inquiry process is challenging this belief to determine whether it has any value or truth. Is it serving us in any way? Is it true? If we’re giving our power to something, shouldn’t it be giving us something valuable, shouldn’t it be true? Why hold onto a lie? Why hold onto something that only causes stress and suffering? It’s not a rational.

If you’re food obsessed and are looking for relief and to make peace with food and your body, inquiry is the express train to freedom. Here’s how to use it. When you are thinking longingly about food or about to eat emotionally, ask yourself why. What is causing you to reach for food? What belief underlies this action that causes you to look to food for what it was never designed to give you? Most likely you will come up with “I want pleasure now.” Or “Life is so stressful right now  that I want to experience pleasure to relieve the stress.”

Let’s try taking the belief to inquiry: Taste pleasure will relieve my stress. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it true that taste pleasure will relieve my stress? Whether you answer yes or no doesn’t matter.
  2. 2. Turn the statement around to its opposite. Taste pleasure won’t relieve my stress.

Ask yourself whether the opposite statement could be as true or true than your original statement.