Skinny Bitch

What do I mean by skinny bitch? She’s the woman (or man for that matter) who slinks into a crowded room looking flawless, perfect body, perfectly clad, making the rest of us green with envy. All eyes gravitate to her like iron shards to a magnet. “Why can’t we look like that, too?” we lament. Can’t we just paste our heads onto that perfectly clad body. Oh to dream! If we could be granted that one wish, then everyone else would be green with envy, wispering disapprovingly, calling us the skinny bitch. Is that so much to ask for? Can’t life grant us just this one teensy, weensy request?

But is that really what we want? “Heck ya!” you shout. But do we? When we envy others or want them to envy us, we’re stuck deep in ego land, creating separation. We’re singlehandedly creating our own universe and populating it based on the notion of “us versus them.” In this worldview, there’s “me” on one side of the line and “other” on the other side, and I’m can’t be safe or happy unless I’m better than all the those darn “others.” When we decide we want to be a skinny bitch, simultaneously loathed and admired by all “the others,” we’re tossing out any hope of experiencing life from oneness. We can never truly feel safe or at peace because who knows when one of those pesky others will try to get a leg up, sending us toppling from our self made thrones.

As Byron Katie says, “Ego’s don’t love – they want something”—in this case to be better than, to be admired. It’s as if they’re saying, “no one is as perfect as me. Don’t even try. Save yourself the trouble.” This a worldview that views life as a competition. Hmm. Where have I heard this before? Let me see. Does “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all” ring a bell?

When you think of happiness and contentment, does the wicked witch come immediately to mind? I didn’t think so. For all of you aspiring skinny bitches, ponder this one. Which to you value more, admiration or love? Unicity or dominance and superiority? When you want to be a skinny bitch, where does that desire come from? Does it come from what is true and wise in you or does it come from the part of you that thinks that life is a game that it’s possible to win?

If life is a game, then the prize is love. As we evolve, we deepen in our ability to serve others and give love. This deepening in love is its own reward. From Essence, our wise inner core, our true Self, we’re not concerned with how others see us because we’re too busy loving them and seeing their beauty to notice.