The Five Steps

Having spent the better part of half a century trying to overcome my eating issues, I finally understand why healing and Healthy Weight Loss that sticks can be such a challenge. Unlike other addictive substances, we need food to survive. We can’t just swear it off and say, “I’ve had it with this pesky food stuff” and banish it from our lives forever. Our choices are: abstain and die, live with our dysfunctional relationship and continue to suffer, or declare that we’re fed up, can’t take it any more, and resolve to do whatever it takes to heal our gosh darn relationship with food once and for all.

The reason eating issues are a sticky wicket is that they’re complex, multi-faceted, and vary from person to person. As a result, healing requires a holistic approach that looks at everything from our food choices, lifestyle, and eating habits, to our basic emotional hygiene and our misguided beliefs about food, life, and ourselves. In effect, we have to put ourselves under a microscope and ask:

How are we living?

  1. Are we expressing what’s true for ourselves, both verbally and in our actions?
  2. Are we taking care of ourselves emotionally and physically?
  3. Are we questioning the stressful thought and beliefs that cause us to suffer? Or are we continuing to weave painful stories.

If we are truly ready to hop off the treadmill of eating related misery, we need to be brutally honest with our answers. After all it’s only a little thing called our happiness hanging in the balance. Suffering or freedom? You choose.

Okay, now that I’ve played up the challenge involved, here’s the good news: If you’re really looking to be done with this issue for good and you follow these simple five steps, you will heal, scouts honor.

Here are the Skinny Thinking Five Steps:

Step One – Wise Food Choices

What is food anyway? (Hint: it’s not whatever the body can digest!) In this step we learn the difference between food and entertainment. It’s fine to entertain ourselves with food sometimes but if that’s what we’re doing habitually, we set ourselves up for a myriad of health and weight problems.

Step Two – Wise Eating

This step teaches us how to be more present when food crosses our lips. If we have eating issues, it’s likely that we’re not very aware when we’re eating.

Step Three – Wise Thinking

This is a biggy, the magic step, the technology that people haven’t applied to eating yet. In addition to providing tools about how to deal with boredom, cravings, and emotional eating, Step Three challenges our romanticism of food and shows us the whole picture of food in such a way that you can no longer be seduced by the pleasure seeking principle that reaches for sexy food based on taste alone. You get this step down and even if you wanted to, you can’t go back to having a problem with food. The jig is up.

Step Four – Wise Expressing

If you have eating issues, it’s likely that you have self-esteem issues and/or a habit of repressing your emotions. In this step you learn how to use inquiry and create new thinking habits to heal both patterns.

Step Five – Wise Relationship with the Body

This is that step that teaches you to go beyond the mind and the emotions and experience our true identity, separate and apart from the body. The more we dis-identify from these lovely earth exploring vehicles, the less time we will spend looking in the mirror, and the happier we’ll be.