Healthy Weight Loss

Dieting is a temporary fix, if that’s all you’re doing. Even when the only change you make in your life is taking in fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight. And while the results look good, 98% of the time, you’ll end up regaining the weight because you haven’t healed the underlying issues at the core of your overweight.

Healthy weight loss that lasts heals the body, mind, and spirit. And at the end of it all, you’re not just creating a slimmer body but new habits – a new way of thinking about food that leads to a healthy relationship with food that will serve you well as you maintain your weight loss and your healthier body.

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The perfection game is one of the ego’s favorite tricks to keep us striving toward an imagined future that will bring everlasting happiness. Even if we achieve some of the goals that comprise this dream, life never feels as we hoped it would. It never feels completely satisfying.

The ego uses perfection to keep itself employed. It coyly assumes that if we stay focused on striving and the future, we forget to notice that what’s already here. Ask yourself, “Is there something that’s here right now that requires no effort to experience and is happy already?” The key is in the noticing. “Happy and for no reason” is our birthright. It’s always available to us and when we’re quiet, when we stop thinking, we experience it.

The ego thinks we need to have it all together to be happy. It imagines a future moment when we “arrive,” when the years of work that we’ve done on ourselves finally pay off, and our dream of a “perfect me” comes true.

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The Five Steps

Having spent the better part of half a century trying to overcome my eating issues, I finally understand why healing and Healthy Weight Loss that sticks can be such a challenge. Unlike other addictive substances, we need food to survive. We can’t just swear it off and say, “I’ve had it with this pesky food stuff” and banish it from our lives forever. Our choices are: abstain and die, live with our dysfunctional relationship and continue to suffer, or declare that we’re fed up, can’t take it any more, and resolve to do whatever it takes to heal our gosh darn relationship with food once and for all.

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But I Will Feel So Deprived!

“But I will feel so deprived that I’ll go crazy and eat everything in sight,” we lament at the prospect of giving up a food that makes us feel out of control. The bulk of current diet wisdom tells us that we should never let ourselves feel deprived because if we limit ourselves, we’ll overeat it later. We have tons of evidence to support this idea, just in our own diet repertoires. We go on a diet, give up our favorite pleasure foods for a time, and then, when the diet ends, we go wild and chain eat them until our stomach hurts.

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